For ‘my’ children

Here is a thought I cannot deny
Sometimes it’s harder to live then to die
Struggles with fear, love, pain and disease
may lead to death being seen as release

However, if it’s not your time yet to come
if your heartache’s not yours to succumb
if you’re challenged to live your full range
then your life’s expectations might need a change

So, let go of what could be, let go of the past
Today is a new start of your future to last
No more regrets for what never has been
Straighten your back and lift up your chin

Every day is worthwhile to live
‘cause there’s so much more, for you, yet to give
Share in the right spirit, your love, spread it wide
pass on good intentions; it’ll be multiplied

Good feelings and love will never exhaust
if given by one who struggled and lost
yet did overcome, still able to smile
counting each blessing, overcoming each trial

Live your life to the fullest, again every day
Then maybe, just maybe you will find a way
to gain spiritual profit by all that you give
and find it harder to die then to live.

In love connected…
© 24 September 2018 Eva Houtjes-Kieskamp

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